About Me

Chi Tong (Jason) Chan

I have always been fascinated by the biology of fishes in their wonderful aquatic world. In particular, I am interested in our interactions with their lives considering the invaluable benefits they been providing to us.

While I was earning my B.S. in Marine Vertebrate Biology and M.A. in Marine Conservation and Policy in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University here, I have worked as a fish carer in zebrafish (danio rerio) facility for genetic and medical research; and looked into how various marine fish populations respond to marine heatwaves by anthropogenic climate change in the US Northeast Shelf as an issue of communicating human impacts on climate and fishery for marine resources conservation management. These experience strengthened my passion in interconnecting people, fish, and science to achieve mutual benefits.

In my free time, I enjoy being on the water as an avid angler. I also enjoy playing table tennis as well.